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Brand storytelling could be a recipe for success

If you are a proud owner of a business or a brand I am sure you remember the first day you started the business, but do your customers?

19th September 2014 at 1:19 am

If you are a proud owner of a business or a brand I am sure you remember the first day you started the business, but do your customers? Sharing the experience of how the business was built and its history is a great way to engage with an audience. Marketing devices such as social media platforms have made massive changes in the way customers can interact with a brand, but why stop there.

Telling the story of a brand has proven to be very successful for a large number of companies across the world. You don’t have to be a huge organisation to give your customers a little insight into your business. Showcasing the story of your brand in an interesting and engaging way is a great way to generate positive customer engagement. Below are a couple of pointers to keep in mind when planning your company’s history.

It may sound obvious but make sure you do your research! Whether you started the business or not, it’s important to look into the history, find old advertisements, stories from current and past employees etc. The more you look into, the bigger foundations you have to create a story.

Don’t treat it as another way to plug your products or services:
The last thing you want to do is shout about how good your products are, or how competitively priced you are in the market, this will not interest people. Think of it less as a marketing campaign and more of a brand development piece and you will be on the right lines. Besides if you get the formatof the story right, you will definitely see some massive marketing benefits anyway!

Be creative:
Not everyone will have a big budget to do some interactive piece or create a video, but it’s important to think outside of the box. The more creative you can get with it the more interest it will have with its target audience.

Get personal:
The more personal you can make it the more an audience will engage with it. Breaking down the corporate barriers and giving a personal insight into a business would be of more interest to customers. One good example we came across was from paint manufacturers Ronseal who created the Ronseal Story. Telling the story from a long standing employee’s perspective is a nice way to showcase the heritage in an interesting format.

Find the angle:
Put yourself in the mind of a journalist, if you were presented with a story opportunity, you have to find that all important angle that will appeal to most people. Finding the perfect angle will make the content more memorable and appealing to the audience. It could be humorous, charitable associations, employees stories etc.

Telling the story of your brand is a great way to not only celebrate your achievement but also the perfect way to engage with existing and new customers. Give it a go what do you have to lose!

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