SmallBizPod #4 – blogging for business and social media for SMEs

Examines the benefits of blogging for small businesses including interviews with Adriana Cronin-Lukas of the Big Blog Company and Paul Woodhouse of Butler Sheet Metal.

By Alex Bellinger
24th April 2005 at 10:00 pm

Welcome to SmallBizPod #4 – 39 minutes of news, interviews and practical advice for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in investing in new enterprises. This week’s show focuses on the benefits of blogging for small and medium-sized businesses.

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• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in this week’s show.
• 00:56 Thanks to listeners in the UK and around the world.
• 01:57 Comments from Stephen Cotterell of Building Better Outcomes and Stephen Wright of Business 550.
• 03:26 The Royal We
• 04.05 Skype and audio quality

• 04:30 Interview with Adriana Cronin-Lukas, The Big Blog Company
• 22:45 Interview with Paul Woodhouse, The Tinbasher Blog, Butler Sheet Metal

• 34:01 Small Business news goes missing
• 34:13 Music – Stardom by DJ Lenoxx

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  1. […] It’s an online diary. In which case you should write new entries at least once each day, keep the entries concise and let your personality shine through. Some may not like the “sunshine” but you are what you are! I recently found an interesting interview on Arrow-Biz blog by Damien Senn who interviewed Alex Bellinger. Alex runs SmallBizPod an excellent example of a podcast and should be on every small business owners reading list. Alex talks about what a blog can do for you in practical terms and also explains what podcasting is all about. He emphasises that point that success with these channels is all about creating compelling content and that can be hard to do! […]

  2. […] • 15:54 Email comment from Paul Grant at Capital Partners Group to a free seminar called the Funding Game in London on Thursday 15 February which helps early stage businesses explore funding options. Contact Paul, if you’d like to attend: 0207 7482215. • 17:03 Thanks for the trackback from Ed Stivala who has been enjoying SmallBizPod #4 on blogging. • 17:51 Email comment from S Rajasekar an Indian entrepreneur from Theni who has been enjoying SmallBizPod, particularly the Taylor/LaBarre episode and the interview done by Juliette Prouse. He also makes an interesting suggestion about adding a 30 second business tip and 30 second joke to each episode of SmallBizPod, to add to the variety. • 20:10 Update on new people to add themselves to the SmallBizPod Frappr Map including: Rajasekar, Ed Stivala, Richard Boyd, and Daley Ervin. • 21:23 Email comment from Jim Markham saying yes he would like a SmallBizPod forum. • 22:16 Email comment from Greg Sue who runs a fashion label start-up in Brighton and the concept of vuja de. • 23:59 An audio comment from Nick Rogers on open source business models and the Juice screencast. […]

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