SmallBizPod #8 – Dragons in the Den podcast and business banking

Interview with Dragon’s Den victim and founder of Stylebible, Amanda Zuydervelt and a special feature on banking & cheque clearing.

By Alex Bellinger
19th June 2005 at 9:45 am

elcome to SmallBizPod #8 – a podcast for businesses in the UK and beyond. 47 minutes of news, interviews and practical advice for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in investing in new enterprises.

Apologies for the delay in getting these show notes up – see SmallBizPod #9 for details of why there’s been a delay. SmallBizPod #8 includes an interview with internet entrepreneur Amanda Zuydervelt of who explains how she set up her new business online and also offers marketing advice for people looking to set up their own internet-based business.

It also takes an in depth look at one of the major cash-flow headaches for small businesses – the delays in cheque clearing and electronic payments.

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• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in this week’s show
• 01:00 Comment from Glenn Watson
• 01:28 Future of podcasting & Apple iTunes
• 02:47 How to get in touch

• 03:50 Interview – Amanda Zuydervelt,
• 22:13 Feature – Banking Payments
• 22:44 David Bishop – Federation of Small Businesses
• 29:30 Leaf Trogem – Swedish Bankers’ Association
• 35:45 Mark Bowerman – APACS

• 43:50 How to send comments to SmallBizPod
• 44:25 Music – Circadian Rhythms by Rob Weston


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