SmallBizPod #14 – small business outlook UK vs USA

Economic climate for UK and US small businesses including interviews with William Dunkelberg, chief economist at the National Federation of Independent Businesses and Andy Mowler of the Forum of Private Business.

By Alex Bellinger
15th August 2005 at 12:47 pm

SmallBizPod #14 includes an analysis of the economic outlook for small and medium sized businesses in both the UK and the US. Included are interviews with the Forum of Private Business in the UK, the National Federation of Independent Businesses in the US as well as a manufacturer from Leeds in Yorkshire, and one from Nashville, Tennessee

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Show Notes


• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in this week’s show.
• 01:03 Thanks to new listeners and SmallBizPod ‘Interesting Indies’ feature on iTunes.
• 02:07 Comment from Yaro Starak on SmallBizPod and a review on Entrepreneurs Journey.
• 03:52 Comment from Martin Neumann of Home Office Voice
• 04:52 Comment from Jason Gaved of Lexel Designson why he doesn’t think SmallBizPod is crap, despite the talking.
• 05:53 Comment from Frederik in Sweden on the SmallBizPod interview with Greg Gianforte and how to go from a corporate job to self-employment while still supporting a family financially.
• 06:21 Comments from Marv and interesting developments at


• 09:01 Interview with Andy Mowlah, Policy Advisor from the Forum of Private Businesses. Andy talks about small business reaction to the Bank of England interest rate reduction, the broader UK economic outlook and lobbying.
• 16:00 Interview with William Dunkelberg, chief economist at the US National Federation of Independent Business. Bill analyses the US economic climate for small business including the positive spending, hiring and investment in the sector and some of the threats from international trade patterns. Also how small manufacturers are among the strongest hirers in the US economy.

• 26:37 PodcastCon UK 2005 and the sponsorship by Be, the 24 megs broadband provider.

• 28:09 Interview with Eric Tomlinson of Rushforth & Co Ltd based in Leeds. Eric talks about the issues facing small manufacturing firms in the UK, particularly taxation, threats from cheap imports and the need for a real apprenticeship scheme. He also highlights what a business needs to do to survive in a difficult economic climate.
• 37:14 Interview with Bill Merry Jnr of Herndon & Merry Inc based in Nashville. Bill talks about the positive economic outlook in the states and how his firm is investing during the good times. He also talks about the complex tax system in the US.

• 43:03 PodcastCon UK 2005 sign-up.
• 43:35 Marv at launches podsafe music section of the site.
• 44:09 Music – SugarFac3 by Auxin.

Best wishes

Alex Bellinger


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