SmallBizPod #22 – small business contingency planning

Alan Fowler of Isochron Ltd on crisis management, business recovery and the benefits of backwards planning for businesses large and small.

By Alex Bellinger
31st January 2006 at 9:38 pm

This week SmallBizPod #22, the small business podcast, includes advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to prepare for challenges and change in an interivew with Alan Fowler of Isochron a company which specialises in business contingency planning. There’s also an interesting interview from SmallBizPod roving reporter, Carl Barton, and the usual mix of listener comments and feedback.

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If you’d like to subscribe free using an RSS feed, download your free aggregator software like Juice or Doppler Radio and right click on the orange subscribe button on the top right hand side of this page copying the link into your aggregator. For those who’d like to download SmallBizPod or listen to it now, click on the link or player above.

For those who’d like to download SmallBizPod or listen to it now, click on the link above.

Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:35 Comment from Phil Brown and a word on his new boostrapped business and blog.
• 03:07 Thanks to everyone who has said hello on the SmallBizPod Frappr map – a who’s who of listeners, including Oladele Ayuba, Oleg Kourapov, Hugo at The Oz Wine Show, Nathan Waters, Condridge Dole and Martin Dooley.


• 05.41 Carl Barton, SmallBizPod’s roving reporter returns and gives us an interview with Jim O’Neill of European Business Exchange about work placements.
• 11:18 Background on contigency planning and Croner data on bird flu and small business reaction.
• 12:37 Interview with Alan Fowler of Isochron Ltd. Alan talks through bird flu concerns, how to avoid disruption through over reaction when a business faces a challenge or prospective crisis. He also talks about minimum necessary change and minimum necessary effort, as well as the benefits of backwards planning.


• 26:26 How to send comments to SmallBizPod – just email
• 26:26 Music – Lurker by sickmoth with thanks to

Best wishes

Alex Bellinger


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