SmallBizPod #24 – making the most of your employees

Advice on how to recruit, motivate and manage staff and employment legislation. Includes a conversation with Julia Scott, founder of award-winning call centre, Base Connections, on her innovative approach to managing people.

By Alex Bellinger
5th March 2006 at 9:57 pm

This week SmallBizPod #24, the small buisness podcast for entrepreneurs and start-ups, includes a series of interviews and expert advice on how to recruit, motivate and manage staff and the thorny issue of employment legislation. Interviews include a conversation with Julia Scott, founder and managing director of Base Connections, winner of European Call Centre of the Year, about her innovative approach to managing her people. There’s also a bumper round up of listeners’ comments and frappr map feedback.

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For those who’d like to download SmallBizPod or listen to it now, click on the link above.

Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 00:53 Comment from Sanjay Parekh of Signifo on his interview on SmallBizPod #20.
• 01:42 Comment from Thomas Power, chairman of Ecademy.
• 02:10 Comment from Rita Gayford and a question on where are all the female entrepreneurs on the Frappr map.
• 04:20 Comment from Oladele Ayuba on the strategies and tactics to adopt when breaking free from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur.
• 05:46 Comment from Mark Anthony on the benefit of SmallBizPod for franchisees.
• 06:36 Comment from Sebastian Prooth of the From The Director’s Chair podcast.
• 08:10 Thanks to everyone who has said hello on the SmallBizPod Frappr map – a who’s who of listeners, including Gary Dring, Scott Gavin, Ron Cesek, Stephen Cotterell, Tue Hellstern, and Neil Gibson.
• 09:20 The mysterious Mexican – a telephone message from a Mexican listener.


• 10.10 Interview with Julia Scott of Base Connections an award winning marketing and telemarketing business about the challenges of employing people, their approach to recruitment and retention of staff, how to motivate and develop employees, and the challenges of employment legislation.
• 23.48 Interview with Professor Martin Binks of the University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation on insuring against loss of key staff and recruitment based on the University’s UK Business Barometer surveys which you can find here and here.
• 27.39 Interview with Alan Phillips of Croner on key employment legislation for small businesses.


• 32:13 How to send comments to SmallBizPod – just email
• 32:34 Music – Laughter House by Chris Rusu with thanks to

Best wishes

Alex Bellinger


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