SmallBizPod #25 – finance and factoring for SMEs

Jo Ashburner and Jonathan Dean of noonoo design on their experiences of factoring and how it has helped their baby comfort blanket business secure rapid growth into international markets.

By Alex Bellinger
5th April 2006 at 10:50 pm

After a few weeks away the small business podcast, SmallBizPod #25, returns with a show which takes a look at how small businesses can free up their cash flow by considering factoring. Included are interviews with the Chief Executive of the Factors and Discounters Association and a baby products business noonoo design that has expanded rapidly into international markets thanks to a shrewd approach to financial management. There’s also some great feedback and food for thought from SmallBizPod listeners in the show this week.

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For those who’d like to download SmallBizPod or listen to it now, click on the link above.

Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex introduces a packed show and apologises for a small delay in getting out SmallBizPod #25.
• 01:31 Comments from listeners who’ve put a pin in the SmallBizPod Frappr map including: Stuart Oliver, Chad Reese, Jeremy Gittens, Steve Smart, Shawn George, Giovanni Salinas, John Attree, Ben, Georgette Jarvis, Napoleon Biggs, David aka Xodust, Anne Marie McEwan, Alexis Goncalves, Lee Wilson, Katie Shellhorse, Alexander van Grunsven, and Dave from Pretoria.


• 05.33 Interview with Kate Sharp of the Factors and Discounters Association. Alex and Kate talk about how small businesses can benefit from factoring and invoice finance; which businesses suit this form of finance; how to choose the right factor or invoice discounter; what to expect by way of charges; and whether there is any benefit over a simple bank loan to cover cash flow shortfalls.
• 16.10 Interview with Jo Ashburner and Jonathan Dean of noonoo designabout their experiences of factoring and how it has helped their baby comfort blanket business secure rapid growth into international markets.


• 33:18 Comments left on the blog from Tee and Steve Smart with some views on entrepreneurship and SmallBizPod editorial policy.
• 38:10 Email comments from Crystal and Bob Cartwright with some constructive criticism of the website and forum.
• 39:57 Comment from the mystery Mexican, Giovanni Selinas, on inspiration and his own experiences as a start-up.
• 41:41 SmallBizPod will be interviewing the shadow small business minister at a seminar on discovering hidden profits in your business put on by Gifty Enright of Business Scope – Alex hopes to see some SmallBizPod listeners there.
• 42.45 Simon Davis with another call for weekly editions of SmallBizPod!
• 44.15 Interesting comments and views on how to be successful in business from Matthew Harwood.
• 46.20 A podcast plug for
• 47.02 Thanks go Guy Kingston of the Mind Your Own Business podcast.

• 47:38 Music – London Chainsaw Massacre by REDXONE with thanks to

Best wishes

Alex Bellinger


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