SmallBizPod #27 – franchising, angel funding and IP

Interviews from Business Scope networking event on franchising, protecting IP and angel funding with Elaine Gold of Y’s-Weight, Jeffry Pym of Beer & Partners, and Sarah Staines of Sherrards.

By Alex Bellinger
13th June 2006 at 2:44 pm

SmallBizPod #27 marks a return for the small business podcast and the first on the re-launched website and blog. This week I interview a series of entrepreneurs and small business experts covering the practicalities of setting up a franchise, angel funding and how to protect your intellectual property. The show was recorded on the road at a very enjoyable business seminar run by Gifty Enright of Business Scope. I also catch up on all the feedback from listeners over the last month.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex, the prodigal zombie and proud father, returns to introduce the show and highlights the launch of the new SmallBizPod website.


• 01:44 Comment from David George on business planning.
• 03.10 Thoughts on the benefits of podcasting for small businesses from Bob Cartwright at Backpackinglight.
• 04:24 Email from Mike Jump at Frankfurt Messe on additional advice for businesses looking to export which you can download here.
• 06:05 Comment from David Rose who is writing a book on the lifestyle and human interest aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. David would like any SmallBizPod listeners interested in being interviewed for the book to contact him at: +44 (0) 1568 611196 or
• 07:06 Another comment from David George on guidance on recruiting.
• 07:34 Comment from David Braziel with some ideas for a show on web applications and software that could benefit small business owners.


• 10.00 Interviews from the Business Scope seminar, beginning with Elaine Gold of Y’s weight on how she managed the process of developing and franchising her business idea.
• 16.00 Interview with Jeffrey Pym of Beer & Partners on the potential benefits of looking to business angels for funding and why some businesses fear giving up control and equity.
• 22.12 Interview with Sarah Staines of Sherrards on how to structure your business to protect the value of your intellectual property.

Frappr Map Comments:

• 28:41 Comments from listeners who’ve put a pin in the SmallBizPod Frappr map including: Edward Kay, Richard Banks, David George, Matthew Marshall our first Maltese listener, David Cruickshank, Joel Haasnoot in Leiden, Adrian Pepper, Fin, David Anderson, Elwyn Price, James Kennedy in Dublin, Mike Cleary, Ben Moss of Robertson Cooper, Soren Helsted in Copenhagen, Mike in London, Raj Bangar, John Dutton, Dustin Senos in British Columbia, Jason Wallace, Antonino from Rome in Italy, Jess Craven, Dean Whitbread, Chris Ledden, Kare Anderson, N Tootie and James Kenny.


• 32:50 Music – Get Into Your Brain by sublimator with thanks to


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  1. regularity is a key to podcasting success, so please post at least one episode a week, or otherwise your podcast will never be really popular…

    once a week at least!

  2. alex says:

    CSB you’re absolutely right and I will be doing my best to increase my output.

    One show a week is my goal, but because of the nature of the show and my other family and work commitments it takes a long time to arrange interviews and research topics.

    Having said that, SmallBizPod is definitely gaining momentum which is inspiring me to redouble my efforts. My ambition is to turn SmallBizPod into a major online brand and small business community. I have plans …

    … any and all feedback is vital, so many thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Nice redesign Alex. Nice, roomy and easy to read. Keep up the good work and visit Ohio some day.

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