SmallBizPod #28 – memorable branding with BJ Cunningham

BJ Cunningham of Brand Evolution on how to create a memorable and effective brand and really get into the hearts and minds of your customers.

By Alex Bellinger
29th June 2006 at 7:16 pm

This week’s small business podcast, SmallBizPod #28, takes a look at small business branding with serial entrepreneur and branding consultant, BJ Cunningham of Brand Evolution. Recorded in the heart of glamorous Mayfair, we discuss what it takes to create a memorable and effective brand, how to work your way into your customers’ hearts and minds, as well as taking a look at how consultants can develop their own personal brand. As usual I also round up the latest feedback on the podcast from listeners spread far and wide.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show and how to contact SmallBizPod with your comments or audio comments.


• 01:29 Email from Phil Locke who found himself being distracted from the World Cup by listening to the SmallBizPod interview with Richard Denny. Phil also asks whether there is a SmallBizPod newsletter.
• 03.13 Email from Sam Walter who raises the issue of the importance of environmental concerns for business and mentions his new website on the subject.
• 04:37 Madelaine Kirke reminds us all of how vital it is to have off site secure backups of data, a subject dear to my own heart!
• 06:20 Juliet Prouse who oscillates between Gabon and Canada in her job for an oil company mentions her entrepreneurial ambition, enjoys SmallBizPod and seeks a link to For Immediate Release, one of the best PR podcasts on the web.
• 07:51 Comments from the latest listeners to add themselves to the SmallBizPod Frappr map including: artist Greg Manley, Sam Walter, Madeleine Kirke, Nick Fogarty a kiwi in Barcelona who’d like to know more about the pros and cons of distribution agents for his export/distribution business, and Oliver Abrahams who’d like to see a show on PR on a shoestring and who has recently launched a product innovation business.


• 11.08 Interview with BJ Cunningham a serial entrepreneur and brand consultant. BJ gives listeners a fascinating insight into how to make small business branding stand out based on his own entrepreneurial experiences as a luxury car importer, the creator of Death Cigarettes, and founder of Georgina Goodman an exclusive London shoe shop. We talk about building depth, rather than width when it comes to branding, engaging customers by communicating clearly and delivering on your promises. We also cover how to create a brand proposition through a compelling idea that shoots like a bullet into the brains of your customers and how to make the ordinary extraordinary.
• 31.41 BJ talks about brand consultancy and his forthcoming Brand Evolution workshops in London.


• 34:18 Music – Intelligent Design by Electronic Voice Phenomenon with thanks to


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