SmallBizPod #32 – from stuntman to stockmarket

Andy Egan, CEO of the Felix Group, talks about his entrepreneurial journey and taking his business to a listing on AIM. [Please note Andy Egan stepped down as CEO of Felix Group in December 2007]

By Alex Bellinger
22nd September 2006 at 10:25 pm

In a first for the podcast, SmallBizPod #32 includes an interview with the CEO of an AIM listed business, Andy Egan of the Felix Group. Andy talks about his journey from stuntman to stock market and his experiences of growing this marketing, sales promotion and electronic kiosk business and taking it towards public flotation in March 2004. A fascinating insight. As usual, there’s also a round up of comments from listeners and what will probably be the last music choice from

[Please note Andy Egan stepped down as CEO of Felix Group in December 2007]

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show and a welcome to new listeners.
• 01:51 PodcastCon UK 2006, the UK’s only conference dedicated to podcasting will take place on Saturday 18 November.


• 02.32 Interview with Andy Egan, CEO of the Felix Group an innovative sales, promotion, kiosk and digital retail business. Andy reveals how following a severe accident as a stuntman, he moved into publicity stunts, sponsorship and found his way into the premium phone call business. From there in 1999 he invented a new terminal/kiosk delivery system for sales promotion, formed a limited company in 2002 and just two years later floated Felix Group on the AIM market. Alex and Andy talk about the business model and strategy behind the Felix Group, as well as practical advice on growing a business, getting the right people on board, launching on a stock market and communicating effectively as a listed company.


• 24:06 Comment from Andy on the blog on interviewing business people with Irish accents.
• 25:01 Email from Ian Gotts, CEO of Nimbus, on emerging market models and why killer products don’t sell.
• 25:56 Comment from Nick Fogarty from Barcelona on new business ideas, product branding and the importance of market research. Possible collaboration between SmallBizPod and the excellent ResearchTalk podcast.


• 29.06 Music – Best Of Life by Chris Rusu with thanks to

P.S Apologies to those of you who signed up to the Frappr map over the last couple of weeks, you will be mentioned in the next show!


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  1. Paul Cheatle says:

    I’ve just discovered SmallBizPod – what a great find. Alex your presenter style is honest and natural; feels a bit like we’re having a chat.

    I enjoyed the Andy Egan intereview. It would be great if Andy or someone good be persuaded to come up with a well defined succinct 10 step road map towards AIM listing.

    Keep up the good work. Regards Paul

  2. daniel says:

    hi, alex, looking forward to the next podcast!


  3. alex says:

    The next podcast is very nearly ready and a good one too! Apols for the delays in getting it to you.

    Thanks Paul for your comments re Andy Egan – it was indeed a frank interview. All the more enjoyable for it!



  4. […] • 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show. • 00:55 Audio comment from Bob Cartwright at who enjoyed the Andy Egan interview and has made business contacts as a result of listening to SmallBizPod. […]

  5. UK startup says:

    Excellent site and podcast – well done.

  6. Roger says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast will be checking back soon

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