SmallBizPod #45 – venture funding for female entrepreneurs

Gita Patel, founder of Stargate Capital and creator of the Trapezia Fund, talks about venture capital funding and female entrepreneurship.

By Alex Bellinger
30th April 2007 at 11:36 pm

This week SmallBizPod #45, the small business podcast, focuses on venture capital and female entrepreneurship. The show includes a fascinating interview with Gita Patel of Stargate Capital and provides an insight into how a VC thinks and how Gita came to set up the Trapezia fund dedicated to supporting female high growth start-ups. The show also includes audio comments, your chance to appear in a video podcast, more from the SmallBizPod blog, advice for the wantrepreneur, as well as the usual round up listener comments.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 02:10 Audio comment from Jonathan Yates at O2GO.
• 04:14 Audio comment from Guy Kingston at the Mind Your Own Business Podcast who invites SmallBizPod listeners to be involved in a new video podcast he is putting together. If you’re interested, head over to his video site.
• 06:21 Check out the SmallBizPod blog on marketing, technology and franchising.
• 07:00 More listeners and business people signing up to the SmallBizPod networking site, including Ling Valentine.


• 07:42 Interview with Gita Patel, co-founder of venture capitalists Stargate Capital and creator of the fast growth business fund, the Trapezia fund, aimed at women entrepreneurs. Alex & Gita talk about her background, what inspired her to research a new sector to invest in and how she decided to focus on funding female entrepreneurs. There’s also discussion about the funding gap for women in business, their passion and how a new generation of women want and have the determination to make lots of money. Gita also outlines what she looks for in a business and the importance of a model which provides equity, debt, intellectual capital and a hub of value.


• 26:28 Email from Michael Smith who has now set up a sandwich bar business just down the road from Alex in Kent.
• 27:14 Christine Abrahams points out that SmallBizPod was recently featured in New Woman magazine.
• 27:35 Nick Jones with some advice for Kelvin Jones on business planning and some key elements to think about from Stanford Technology Venture Podcast by G Steven Burrill.
• 28:32 Brett Hollis follows-up with more advice for Kelvin and suggests taking the three month business plan approach that Brett himself has found so useful.
• 30:00 Rowena Mead‘s innovative toothbrush.
• 30:35 Feedback for Kelvin from Neil Infield, manager of the British Library’s Business & IP Centre, which really is a tremendous resource for any start-ups or businesses needing to get their hands on reports, databases and advice for their market research.
• 31:49 Check out David Hyner’s Goal Setting Masterclass in Birmingham on Saturday 2 June, if you want to learn how top achievers set and achieve goals.
• 33:20 Latest additions to the SmallBizPod Frappr map including Rowena Mead and Geoff Beattie.


• 34.28 Music – Yello Sand Back by Sabi, with thanks to the Monotonik net label.

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  1. Awoof says:

    Hey there… Very very inspiring and informative… Would I be able to add your podcast to my blog?

  2. alex says:

    Of course, you’d be most welcome to link to the site or to an individual podcast, so long as you credit SmallBizPod.

  3. Monotonic was just the tonic I needed just now! I’ve let my head get bombarded with much over the last 5 years doing eBay. So now I’m working on ME!! 😉

    working away here between eBay and Facebook, plus SmallBizPod

    and the musical interludes are welcomed


  4. My musical choices are like Marmite. Glad to know you fall into the love rather than loathe camp!

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