SmallBizPod #50 – Martin Webb podcast interview

Martin Webb, serial entrepreneur and host of Channel 4’s ‘Risking It All’ on business failure & success.

By Alex Bellinger
26th June 2007 at 11:08 am

This week SmallBizPod #50, the small business advice podcast, includes an interview with Martin Webb, serial entrepreneur, host of Channel 4’s Risking It All and author of Make Your First Million: Ditch the 9-5 and Start the Business of Your Dreams. There’s also the usual round up of comments and commentary from listeners.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:34 Thanks to everyone who has said hello and joined the SmallBizPod Facebook group.
• 02:04 Let’s meet up at the Chinwag Summer Party in London on 5 July.


• 03:13 Interview with Martin Webb, a serial entrepreneur who built a leisure company called C-Side from scratch and sold it for £15 million. As well as pursuing several other businesses, Martin is also the host of Channel 4’s Risking It All, a Daily Telegraph Columnist and the author of a new book on how to make your first million by starting a business. Alex and Martin discuss celebrity entrepreneurship, getting it wrong, business failure, common sense, whether passion is enough to carry you through and the importance of listening to criticism. The conversation also focuses on bootstrapping vs borrowing vs equity, social enterprise and the ‘People’s Pub’, and what Martin has planned for the future.


• 18:57 Email from Jason Maslen on the interview with Jason Calacanis in the stair well.
• 19:24 Email comment from Bill Martin about music, composition and starting a business.
• 20:26 Email comment from Adam Purcell about the first PodCamp Australia.
• 21:51 Don’t forget PodcampUK which is set to take place in Birmingham on 1-2 September.
• 22:38 Email from Lucy Follett on lessons from business failure.
• 24:10 Comments left on the blog from Sam Sethi, who has recently launched a new blog on technology and startups – Blognation. And a comment from Karen on the Jason Calacanis interview and people’s thoughts on whether an ‘exit strategy’ should be planned in advance.

• 26.25 Diary of a Wantrepreneur – with Kelvin Jones including a couple of links on business planning – Business Plan Archive and


• 34.13 Thank you to Wincent Kordula in Nottingham and Martin Peacock in Kildare, Ireland for signing on to the SmallBizPod Frappr map.

• 29.18 Music – Roads by Martsman with many thanks to the super netlabel Exegene.

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  1. Ian says:

    Can empathise with this more than anything I’ve heard. In fact, I’m in the middle of the Pavlov’s dog situation Martin describes at the point of failure.

    Maybe I am an entrepreneur having started again along with a blog to diarise the horror and hope as things develop. Reassuring that he talks about it as a positive experience despite the scars.

  2. alex says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for commenting. Funnily enough I was having a quick read through your blog at the end of last week. Perhaps you’d like to be involved in a chat for the podcast I’m planning on ‘what happens when things go wrong’?

  3. Fiona says:

    Congratulations on #50. Keep up the great work!

  4. alex says:

    Many thanks Fiona, that’s very kind. Keep up the listening 😉

  5. Hi Alex, just resumed listening to small biz pod after a long absence. how is your baby?

    I was thinking of relocating to the UK a while ago but now I think I’ll be staying put here in Nigeria – even though things have been rough here lately. Will visit the UK occasionally tho.

    Really enjoyed the discussion with Martin Webb, I certainly can relate to the point martin made about people giving you all sorts of comments about why you shouldnt step out into business or why your business will fail and so on. I’ve listened to all of these comments and I think it’s helped me to rehearse and fine tune the marketing and communication plans.

    Everytime someone tells me why the business will not work, I use it as an opportunity to re-examine my value proposition and improve my marketing.

  6. alex says:

    Hi Oladele and good to have you back here and listening. Good luck too with your own business. Running your own business like we do requires a weird mixture of thick skin and sensitivity, I reckon.
    As for SmallBizPod, it’s well and has recently found a new home on a shiny new server which I’m pleased about. As for my real babies, they’re both well and growing up fast 🙂

  7. […] And finally, SmallBizPod is a podcasting site with some interesting interviews you can download for listening on your iPod or MP3 player.  You do have an MP3 player don't you?  In the show in the linked post, Martin Webb, the presenter of Channel 4's "Risking It All" business startup programme is interviewed.  Later in the programme various thoughts are aired about the value of creating an exit plan well in advance.  The show is SmallBizPod #50 […]

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