SmallBizPod #58 – Who Is Afraid Of The Female Entrepreneur?

Female entrepreneurship special – interviews with successful women in business.

By Alex Bellinger
20th November 2007 at 9:12 pm

This week SmallBizPod #58, the small business podcast, focuses on female entrepreneurship with inspiring interviews recorded as part of Enterprise Week. The podcast takes a look at how women approach business, whether or not they face more or different challenges to their male counterparts and what motivates them to start and run their own businesses.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:13 Thanks to Sage for sponsoring SmallBizPod.


• 01:30 Interviews include: Jo Ray, managing director of Sage UK’s small business division on its Heartbeat survey findings on women in business; Anne Duncan, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Yellowfin; Michelle Rosenberg, author of Inspiring Women; Kerry Keeling of A Woman’s Touch building services company; Karen Gill, co-founder of Everywoman; Caroline Newman of Newman Consulting; Elaine Fairfax, founder of Animal Friends Insurance; and Caroline Marshall Foster, managing director of Wordhouse Publishing Group.


• 36:36 Diary of a Wantrepreneur with Kelvin Jones on goal setting, testing, market research and a useful survey website called

• 34.11 Music – Okno by Ocbalt with many thanks to the Monotonik label.

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  1. […] Jo Ray, managing director of Sage’s SME business, recognises in SmallBizPod’s podcast on women business owners, there are some positive signs for female entrepreneurship and perception may not quite have caught […]

  2. feels like I’m catching up on life listening to these podcasts Alex! but they’re fab. especially that folk can listen after the event/s. My BIGGEST issue is paper.. yup! mountains of it.. business and home stuff, which I have an archaic system for. Now’s a bit of a ‘don’t panic’ time.. HMRC deadline soon for online self assessment. So any tips, advice for accounting for self-employed folk like me are welcome 😡

  3. ooh! sorry about that emoticon ’twas meant to be a nice happy face.. tries the simple smiley:

  4. just goes to show.. we don’t all speak same language, even emoticonlish, lol!
    :-p <– hope this comes out as I expect!

  5. Glad you’re enjoying discovering SmallBizPod. I still love doing the podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs and still learn loads.

    I also really appreciate feedback from you and other listeners. So many of the ideas for podcasts and parts of this site have been prompted by suggestions from readers and listeners. So, thanks and do spread the word!

  6. […] for women’s empowerment mode’, here’s another bonus piece of insight for women business owners and women entrepreneurs […]

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