SmallBizPod #60 – Inspirational business planning

Become passionate about your business planning and learn how to do it right with Tim Berry and Alan Gleeson of Palo Alto software.

By Alex Bellinger
10th January 2008 at 11:53 am

This week SmallBizPod #60, the podcast for startups and entrepreneurs, focuses on business planning in an interview with Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and UK MD Alan Gleeson. For those new to business planning or for anyone who has ever found it challenging, this podcast will be an inspiration.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:38 Thanks to Sage for their sponsorship of SmallBizPod.


• 02:36 Interview with Tim Berry, founder and president of Palo Alto Software and UK managing director Alan Gleeson examining the right way to do business planning. Tim talks about the importance of setting a review schedule first, how all business plans are wrong and how no business plan is ever finished. Alex, Alan and Tim also discuss metrics, cash flow, why some entrepreneurs appear not to have written a business plan and how instinct and planning are complementary, not mutually exclusive.


• 27.59 Thanks to Jesse Waugh of Prismania for commenting on how valuable SmallBizPod has been for business and for thoughts on the environment for entrepreneurship in the UK and US.
• 29.05 Thanks to Russell Pearson for including SmallBizPod in Crimson Fox’s top 10 podcasts to listen to during 2008.
• 29.32 SmallBizPod’s first African listener, Oladele Ayuba on his leap into the world of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
• 30.13 Can you help Chloe Fowler with advice on how to find the right premises for her new market research company?
• 32.01 Thanks to Steve Townsend for sticking a pin in the SmallBizPod Frappr map.

• 32.33 Music – unlock by distruc with thanks to the Monotonik netlabel.

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  3. Great show, easily the best behind the one with Gianforte. I love the way the concept of business plans and business planning was presented on the show. It’s intesting that the ali baba guys did not really have a plan but rather “managed every dollar” they spent well. it helps me deal with the guilt that I only have a plan on a white board in my office and not an articulate document which I’ll probably never refer to again

    The music on today’s show could easily be mistaken for something that came out of Africa. Smallbizpod rocks!!!

  4. alex says:

    Thanks for the comments Oladele – I like the idea of white board planning. Glad you enjoyed the episode and the music! I enjoy quite a bit of African music. I was big fan of the Bhundu Boys who were very famous over here in the late 80s. Might see if I can dig out some ‘podsafe’ African tracks 🙂

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