SmallBizPod #64 – British Library, Facebook and Startups

Putting the voices to the faces behind the startups on the British Library Business and IP Centre Facebook group. Includes an interview with the Neil Infield of the British Library on its social media strategy.

By Alex Bellinger
31st March 2008 at 6:38 pm

This episode of SmallBizPod #64, the podcast for start-ups and entrepreneurs, puts the voices behind the faces on the British Library’s Business & Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) Facebook group. Interviews with Neil Infield of the BIPC on its social media strategy and a variety of fascinating start-ups who meet in the real world for the first time.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 02:16 Sage sponsors SmallBizPod and we’re delighted that they do.


• 03:42 Interview with Neil Infield of the British Library’s Business and Intellectual Property Centre on how they engage with startups and entrepreneurs, why they chose to set up a Facebook group and the benefits of business blogging.

• 14:07 Interview with a selection of startups and entrepreneurs at the BIPC Facebook small business networking session including: David Fuentes of entertainment training and product company The Performer, Christiane Link, German newspaper publisher for the german-speaking community in London and the UK, Natalie Clark on homeworking, outsourcing and her new photo-retouching business, and Robin Block on the power of video to launch and sell products and services and his new business

• 25:43 Do check out a new small business TV podcast aimed at startups and entrepreneurs – BizPod TV. Subscribe to BizPod TV on iTunes.

• 32.30 Music <Fabrice Lig
from A Story In Sound
(Submerge Recordings)

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I just remembered about the interview from the BL networking event. Thanks for making my first interview of this nature, actually quite enjoyable!

    Really enjoyed listening to the Levi Roots and Social Firms UK podcasts – plus I’d say keep the music, it’s a great idea!


  2. […] Reggae sauce fame – but if you want to skip straight to me sharing my personal journey, tune into podcast no.64 starting at 14 […]

  3. alex says:

    Glad you like the music Natalie – you’re one of a minority that includes me. Fortunately what I say goes, so the music stays 😉

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