SmallBizPod #67 – Going Solo – freelance perspectives

Interviews with speakers at Going Solo. Some of the web’s most well known bloggers & consultants on how to craft a successful career as a freelancer – including Stowe Boyd, Laura Fitton and Suw Charman-Anderson.

By Alex Bellinger
30th April 2008 at 1:22 pm

This week SmallBizPod #67, the small business podcast, takes a look at the life of a freelancer ahead of a conference on the subject called Going Solo. The podcast includes interviews with speakers at the conference including some of the social web’s best known freelancers and consultants on how to survive as a soloist.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Introduction to what’s coming up in the show.


• 01:56 Interview with Stephanie Booth, blogger, consultant and organiser of Going Solo, a very practical conference on freelancing aimed at freelancers all over Europe to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 16 May.

• 09:12 Interview with Laura Fitton, aka @Pistachio, on her life as a freelancer, how she started out, her vertiginous rise in the social media space, Twitter and advice on real world and virtual face time.

• 17:50 Interview with Martin Röll about becoming a freelancer accidentally, why it’s so hard and so easy to consult and how to manage technology and time.

• 22:21 Interview with Stowe Boyd, one of the most well known voices in the blogosphere and successful social web consultant, on negotiation, fame and social capital.

• 31:35 Interview with Suw Charman-Anderson, one of Britain’s best known bloggers, on her early life as a freelance consultant, catastrophic financial failure, peer groups and work-life balance.

• 42:17 Interview with Dennis Howlett, freelance writer and blogger and former international tax partner on the nitty gritty of managing your freelance finances.

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