SmallBizPod #72 – Michael Gerber podcast – dreaming big with the E-Myth author

A podcast interview with Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth series of books, on dreaming big, awakening the entrepreneur within, business systems and imagination.

By Alex Bellinger
31st July 2008 at 10:46 pm

This week SmallBizPod #72, the small business advice podcast, interviews one of the world’s best known authors on entrepreneurship, Michael E Gerber on awakening the entrepreneurial imagination and transforming small businesses into extraordinary enterprises. There’s also details of a special deal for listeners who’d like to go to the next Going Solo conference and a summer chillout track.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Introduction to what’s coming up in the show.
• 00:56 SmallBizPod is once again a media partner for Going Solo, the practical and inspiring conference for freelancers which is taking place in Leeds on 12 September. Two listeners can win 30% off tickets to the conference by sending the correct answer to the question in the podcast to Anyone else who’d like to attend, please register at Going Solo quoting the referral code: sbpref.
• 03:40 Over 400 listeners now on the SmallBizPod Facebook group. Please join us.


• 04:36 Interview with Michael Gerber about how he came to write his new book Awakening The Entrepreneur Within, the inspiration of Disney, how and why he wanted to do E-Myth again, but better, entrepreneurial legacy and why dreaming big is so vital from the outset. Michael also discusses why small businesses are the answer to nobody’s question, the importance of invention over knowledge, a passionate vision and how to find the courage to do something that’s not been done before.

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• 27.16 Comment from Daksh Sharma and how to contact SmallBizPod. Feedback is always welcome.
• 32:36 Check out BizPod TV and subscribe on iTunes to race it up the new video charts!

• 34.23 MusicVanessa Daou
“Mess Around”
from “Make You Love”
(Daou Records)

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  1. Alex,

    A very inspiring podcast (I’ve listened to it twice now). Michael Gerber provides a deep and more profound than usual perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur. One of the best smallbizpods so far.

    Great stuff, thanks and keep up the good work.

    Robert Gowans

  2. alex says:

    Hi Robert, thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Michael certainly provides one of the most passionate and thought-provoking interviews I’ve had the pleasure to record for SmallBizPod.

  3. Shallie Bey says:

    Alex, thanks for this great interview with Michael Gerber. As a student of business development, Michael Gerber has been an inspiration to me for a number of years. I found this interview to be one of the best discussions of his personal internal motivation that I have ever heard. I greatly enjoyed Michael Gerber and the book The E-Myth Revisited and find this new book, Awakening The Entrepreneur Within equally exciting.

    The comment, “The entrepreneur invents the world”, brings to mind the current first time effort among more than 60 countries to establish Global Entrepreneurship Week in November of this year. I will point people to this interview as much as I can so that it can be an inspiration to young people across the world to face the challenge of their dreams and not to be frozen by the fear of loss.

    Shallie Bey
    Smarter Small Business Blog

  4. alex says:

    Shallie thanks for the kind words re the Michael Gerber interview. The world needs entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial right now and I’m sure Global Entrepreneurship Week will play an important part in raising awareness.

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