SmallBizPod #73 – Social entrepreneurs shine at Shine

Live interviews with social entrepreneurs and support groups capture the enthusiasm and passion of the social enterprise scene at the extraordinary Shine conference.

By Alex Bellinger
30th August 2008 at 10:00 am

This week SmallBizPod #73, the entrepreneurs’ podcast, includes a series of inspiring interviews on social entrepreneurship at an extraordinary three day event called Shine which took place in May 2008. There’s also the first audio review of a business book by listener Peter Henderson and comments from other listeners too.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Introduction to what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:40 The SmallBizPod Facebook group continues to grow with well over 500 members now, so please head over and join us.


• 02:10 Listener book review from Peter Henderson of PiSys – The New Philanthropists by Charles and Elizabeth Handy.

• 06:00 Interviews on social enterprise with participants and organisers of the three day un-conference, Shine. Includes discussion about supporting social entrepreneurs with Jason Mollring of Social Enterprise South East and the genesis of Shine and social media reporting of the event with Nick Temple from the School For Social Entrepreneurs who also gives his views about the growth of the sector. Also interviews with Ulricka from UnLtd on funding social entrepreneurs, Olivia McGilchrist on art and photography projects, Ned Lewis from The Hub, Luke Rafters on sustainable development, Eddy Finch of Buzzacott on tax and structures for social enterprises, and Natalia Fernandez of the New Economics Foundation.

• 27.16 Comments from: Emily Tarrant who’s just launched the Brilliant Business Books blog; Robert Gowans with his thoughts on the Michael Gerber perspective; thanks to Gill Millington for contributing to the SmallBizPod blog on small business finance; Henry Stuart on networking; and Davide Bonomi.

• 34.23 MusicBlue Tribe
“The Buddha Bar”
from “Deep Buddha”
(Ultraviolet Productions)

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    Basking in the Indian Summer here in Bethnal Green: here’s to it carrying on all weekend. And, of course, what better way to prepare for the weekend than with a round-up of news frmo the world of social entrepreneurship and…

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  4. Nick Temple says:

    Hi Alex – was delighted to see that this was posted up. Have blogged about it as you can see from the trackback above. Any thoughts and connections you have would be welcome: because planning for Shine 09 is underway already.

    Thanks again; enjoying the ‘cast and the blog.

  5. alex says:

    Thanks Nick, sorry it took so long to appear, but better late than never and all that. Reminded me of how good Shine was. In terms of Shine09 you really ought to speak to the guys behind Jagriti Yatra who I interviewed a while back. I’ll drop you their contact details. I’m sure they’d love to share their experiences.

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SmallBizPod #73 – Social entrepreneurs shine at Shine

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