SmallBizPod #87 – the eBay podcast: interviews with Dan Wilson & Sue Bailey

Interview with eBay experts Dan Wilson and Sue Bailey of on tips and tricks to help your new or existing business get the best from eBay.

By Alex Bellinger
13th August 2009 at 2:32 pm

This week SmallBizPod #87, the startups podcast, looks at the tips and tricks of launching an eBay business and how existing businesses can make the most of the auction site as an online sales channel. Includes interviews with two leading experts, Dan Wilson and Sue Bailey of

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Show Notes



● 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the podcast this week.


● 02:06 Thanks to Dell for sponsoring SmallBizPod this month. Do check out what they have to offer your small business.

● 03:23 Interview with Dan Wilson, one of eBay’s first employees in the UK and author of several books on how to make money on the auction site and Sue Bailey an early eBay trader and founder of Sue, Dan and Alex talk about how eBay has changed over the last decade and how to plan and prepare for success on eBay whether it’s your first foray into selling online or a great way for your existing business to dispose of stock or reach new customers. Lots of practical help and advice from two of the UK’s best known experts.

● 33:03 Book Review from Nathan Brown of The Complete Guide To Selling A Business by Fred S Steingold.

● 38.03 Music with thanks to IODA Promonet Abigail Washburn & The Shanghai Restoration Project
from “Afterquake”
(Undercover Culture Music)

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  1. […] just listened to a very interesting interview on Alex Bellinger’s SmallBizPod, a podcast, blog, news and community site for small businesses, start-ups and […]

  2. was interested but nodded off says:

    5 minutes of waffle before the main event
    sent me to sleep

  3. I hope you were listening in bed!

    Actually it was just 3 minutes 23 seconds of waffle 😉

  4. was interested but nodded off says:

    some might say the whole thing was waffle not just 3mins 23 secs

  5. I’ll let others be the judge of that! Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time …

  6. […] I’ve just listened to a very interesting interview on Alex Bellinger’s SmallBizPod, a podcast, blog, news and community site for small businesses, start-ups and […]

  7. Ed says:

    Alex – in the middle of the interviews, you and your guest5s talked about the eBay and TameBay communities, and how TameBay has a very engaged community.

    Did you know (I’m guessing not because it wasn’t mentioned at all) that both communities are rigidly censored and have huge lists of banned and blocked eBay sellers and buyers. These ban lists are completed obstructed from engaging with the communities and their views, worries, and questions never appear on either site.

    There is also an extremely close relationship between eBay and TameBay in that TameBay will ban commenters who have been banned from eBay forums, and I personally know some who have been banned from TameBay, without ever having posted comments there, purely because TameBay staff became aware of the ban by eBay.

    Such policies are extremely Stalinistic, and you should be careful of praising or promoting sites that claim open community status whilst heavily censoring and gagging dissenting voices.


  8. I’ve had a lot of experience of a wide range of communities on the web since I got involved with Usenet groups in the mid-nineties.

    In my experience all communities need rules and moderation (automated or human) to be successful. All the best democracies work the same way.

    The beauty of the web is that if one has a contrary view, however unreasonable or offensive the tools are there for one to express onerself elsewhere in public.

    Community is open source. If too many people feel one community doesn’t cater to them, they can move and create their own community … with their own rules, of course 😉

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SmallBizPod #87 – the eBay podcast: interviews with Dan Wilson & Sue Bailey

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