SmallBizPod #95 – Enterprising Young Brits Jamie Murray Wells & Priya Lakhani

Interviews with Jamie Murray Wells of Glasses Direct and Priya Lakhani of Masala Masala, two young entrepreneurs who reveal how they built successful businesses despite the doubters.

By Alex Bellinger
16th February 2010 at 12:36 pm

This week SmallBizPod #95, the young entrepreneurs podcast includes an interview Jamie Murray Wells of Glasses Direct and Priya Lakhani of Masala Masala. Both are previous winners of Enterprising Young Brits and have a wealth of insight for new business owners young and old.

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Show Notes



● Alex on what’s coming up in the podcast.


●SmallBizPod #100 will be recorded at Thrive! London on Thursday 25th February. Over a hundred people are registered to attend, but there are still a few tickets left. Use code ‘smallbizpod’ to grab a free ticket.

● Interview with two enterprising young Brits, Priya Lakhani of Masala Masala and Jamie Murray Wells of Glasses Direct. Alex, Jamie and Priya discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a young entrepreneur, the importance of education, research and how to take calculated, rather than unnecessary risks when starting a business. Jamie also talks about why Glasses Direct is advertising on TV, mentoring and seeking advice to supplement your own skills. Priya reveals how she rapidly built Masala Masala into a successful business as the recession kicked in and how speed of execution is vital.

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