SmallBizPod is a podcast, blog, news and community site for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. This is how it all happened.

Back in March 2005, I became one of only a handful of people in the UK to start podcasting.

Looking around for a subject I realised there were no British-based podcasts on business. Since I'd just set up my own business and had spent many years focusing on the small business sector, a podcast on entrepreneurship seemed like a good way to go.

SmallBizPod was born. The podcast, blog and website now attract tens of thousands of listeners and readers a month from all over the world.

Inspire, Inform, Entertain

Personally, I've always enjoyed the stories of entrepreneurs. The highs, the lows, the passions and the successes.

So, from the start I wanted SmallBizPod to inspire, to inform, and to be fun to listen to and read as well. I think thanks to some wonderful contributors and interviewees, it's achieved just that.

Over time, the site has grown to become one of the most visited sites for SMEs in the UK. It's also developed into a wonderful free audio resource to provide inspiration and advice from business people with real experience and real insight.

SmallBizPod is also a start-up business, so I know very well what you're all going through whether you're just starting or have been running a business for some time.

I hope you have as much fun exploring the site as I and others do creating it.

SmallBizPod is always evolving and its future is very much in the hands of listeners. Spread the word. Let me know what works and what doesn't. Suggest topics. Your feedback is really appreciated.

Alex Bellinger at SmallBizPod

Alex Bellinger

Founder & Editor of SmallBizPod

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