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I’ve been tagged twice over the festive period by the chain letter-style blog tagging craze. Basically a question is asked of a blogger and that blogger then has to pass …

2nd January 2007 at 11:34 am

I’ve been tagged twice over the festive period by the chain letter-style blog tagging craze. Basically a question is asked of a blogger and that blogger then has to pass the same question on to 5 other bloggers.

The latest blog tagging meme has been so ubiquitous it’s almost embarrassing not to have been included. Actually, they’re a fun diversion and you do end up learning something about people you might not have known before.

So, thanks to Heather at Eie Flud (apologies for including too many ‘i’s in my previous blog post) and Gordon at Broken Bulbs for making me ‘it’.

So Heather’s question first (and the one which I’ve noticed most in the blogosphere):

5 Things You Never Knew About Alex Bellinger at SmallBizPod

  • I used to be a goatherd in Corsica.
  • I spent a long, steamy afternoon in a kitchen with Nigella Lawson helping to teach her about flour while working at the Flour Advisory Bureau.
  • I have a degree in English Literature and wrote a dissertation on comedy in the plays of Samuel Beckett.
  • I am descended from the illegitimate line of a British Prime Minister (I leave you to ponder which one).
  • I have a 1950s Paris A-Z given to me as a gift by a convicted murderer while I was staying in a homeless hostel in Aix-en-Provence.

Now on to Gordon’s 5 questions:

1. What have you learned so far from visitors to your blog?

More precisely SmallBizPod listeners and bloggers in general have taught me that there really is wisdom in crowds.

2. If someone would offer to pay for a course (or more) for you, what would that course be?

I think I’d go for two courses (kind of) – one practical, one spiritual. I’d like to go on an intensive course on programming php and mysql. Secondly I’d like to go on a two week Theravada Buddhist retreat.

3. Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved in 2006, in general?

From a business perspective, no. That’s what makes this year so challenging and exciting!

4. Has blogging changed your life or your personality in any way?

Blogging and podcasting have certainly changed my life. Both have reshaped my perspective, my work, and genuinely enriched my existence. How have they enriched it? Quite simply through the amazing people that I’ve had the privilege to have met, socialised and worked with over the last 18 months or so. Thank you all. As for my personality – I hope I’m a little more generous and a little more open than I used to be.

5. If you had the opportunity to meet one person that you admire the most in the world, who would that person be?

Very difficult one this, as there isn’t one person I admire most. I’m not so much interested in meeting the famous as I am in meeting extraordinary ordinary people. Echoing Time, I think the person I’d most like to meet would therefore be you – drop me an email and say hello!


OK now on to who I’m going to tag. For the ‘5 Things You Didn’t Know … ‘ meme, I’ll tag a bunch of UK podcasters and Mr Pegg: podcastpaul, neil dixon, dean whitbread, mark hunter, adrian pegg.

Now for the 5 questions related to blogging I’ll pass the baton to: Carolyn Mumby, Anita Campbell, Fraser at the Affiliate Blog, Damien Senn and finally Ray Algar.


Alex is the founder and editor of SmallBizPod, the UK's first podcast dedicated to small business, start-ups and entrepreneurship. Alex writes about topical small business issues, entrepreneurs and anything else that catches his eye here on the small business blog.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Gee, a goatherd in Corsica! Or the illegitimate son of a prime minister! I’m not sure which is more colorful.

    I always knew you were interesting, but I had no idea in how many ways.


  2. […] I have been tagged by Alex Bellinger at SmallBizPod in the chain-letter blogging meme. […]

  3. alex says:

    Hi Anita, yes, perhaps I was trying a little too hard 🙂

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