Spread some love in the run up to Christmas. . .

It seems that each and every time I engage with a small business, I have the same conversation over and over again.  How easy do you make it for ‘the word’ …

6th December 2007 at 10:41 am

It seems that each and every time I engage with a small business, I have the same conversation over and over again.  How easy do you make it for ‘the word’ about your business to spread?  Do your customers pass on the good news about your product or service?  Do you give your customers the tools or materials to make it easy for them to be an advocate of your brand?

On a very simple level, we’re talking about ‘refer a friend’.  Your customer likes what you do and tells their nearest and dearest about you.  If you give them something to pass to that friend, like a business card, a flyer, a brochure, or even a memorable web address, you’ve made it so much more likely for that friend to get in touch, next time they want what you’ve got to offer.

The science behind this route to success is simple.  We trust what our trusted friends tell us MUCH more than any advertising message, cold-call or out-bound marketing activity.  None of us want to put ourselves in the position of guinea piggy for a product or service experience, when we can simply piggy back on a great experience that someone we know has already had.

This simple insight is equally valid in business to consumer and business to business settings.  For business to consumer its a simple numbers game – spread the good word and the chances are your footfall or enquiries will feel the benefit.  For business to business, recommendations can open up client development activity – by spreading the good word within an organisation to open up new opportunities and income streams as well as capitalising on recommendations between businesses.

So if you’re scratching your head about ways to give your marketing some extra sparkle in the run up to Christmas, spare a few moments to think about simple and effective ways you can help your customers spread the love. . .

Sara Scott

Sara is a marketing specialist with a wealth of on-line and traditional experience. With award winning credentials as an advertising writer, her career also spans the disciplines of planning and strategy for both B2B and consumer clients. Having worked for one of the the UK's biggest non-London agencies, Sara now works on a consultancy basis for clients large and small. http://www.smallbizpod.co.uk/blog

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