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We’re all getting sick of the doom and gloom, so Gill Millington takes a look at some silver linings to offer us a glimmer of hope and humour.

13th November 2008 at 1:01 pm

I thought readers would welcome a change from doom and gloom.  So I’ve rooted around this wonderful thing we call the internet and come up with some positive news for you.  Every cloud has silver lining after all.

Every business cloud has a silver lining ...

Every business cloud has a silver lining

You and your business may be struggling with gas, electricity and oil prices (although they should be falling now), but they’ve prompted people to look at energy saving seriously which is clearly good for the environment.

According to a recent survey from Click4Carbon 60% of us will not turn on our heating in order to reduce costs and the knock on effect is we’re also helping to save the planet. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

And did you also realise that for some the credit crunch could be benefiting their pensions?  How so you wonder? Well, according to David Fripp at KPMG long term corporate bond yields have risen from 5% to 7% helping to reduce some companies’ pension fund deficits.

Falling property prices?  Well, at least those children of yours who’ve not been able to afford to leave home, could soon be able to get themselves on the property ladder and leave you in peace. Now that has to be good news for those who thought children left home in their early twenties.

What about the banks themselves?  Well they may be in trouble, but it looks like they ought to be keeping lending to SMEs up.

But as a result of the banking crisis there’s also been greater focus on social lending.  Internet companies such as Zopa are increasing their responsible, social lending books.  A more responsible approach to lending must be a good thing.

Then there are all those discounters.  Aldi and Lidl are reporting very good results, as people head to buy their cheaper products.

Universities are apparently reporting renewed interest from graduates wishing to stay on and take further degrees rather than face an uncertain employment market.  They’re enjoying a quiet boom which may even result in an influx of better qualified potential employees in the next few years.

The UK travel industry has struggled of late with people often preferring overseas sun to the British weather.  But according to recent reports, bookings for UK travel breaks for next year are nearly double those in recent years, as people opt to stay in this country and save money that way.  Good news for our own tourist businesses.

OK, so I have saved the best for last … The credit crunch is now officially responsible for a massive sales hike in…. wait for it, yes the good old, baked bean.  A food for our times.  Good to see the humble bean finally blowing its own trumpet!

[Picture cred: paparutzi @ Flickr]


Gill started out life working for blue chip companies, finished working in CEOs' offices then followed a seemingly natural path towards running her own business. One venture failed but like any good entrepreneur she's gone on to learn from her mistakes and made a success of two businesses since. Having been involved in business finance and the money game for a number of years now her most recent company New Branch provides advice on commercial finance and other business services.

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  1. Sherry Borzo says:

    Thanks for the silver lining news and ha, ha, on the blowing bit. Nothing like tooting the horn for legumes.

    We were in the UK last year and could barely afford a pint but it was worth every penny!

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