Essential new technology for small businesses

Having the right technology is one of the key things that small businesses need to get right in order to succeed and be the most streamlined and efficient that they can be.

29th April 2013 at 8:00 am

Having the right technology is one of the key things that small businesses need to get right in order to succeed and be the most streamlined and efficient that they can be. Customers don’t want to deal with firms that are stuck in the technology dark ages. Making the most of the mobile gadgets that are out there can also revolutionise your working practices for the better – you now have more flexibility and speed than ever before. Here are a few of the best technology influenced shortcuts to help your business run smoothly.

Mobile printers
Mobile printing solutions are invaluable for people who work while on the move or travel around a lot. Mobile printing is also invaluable for a more flexible and fluid workspace in the office, enabling employees to bring in their own devices, printing directly from those.

When tablet computers were first introduced technology experts were unsure about whether there would be a market for them. However, they have become an invaluable business tool due to their size – they are easier to work from than a smartphone but easier and quicker to use than a laptop.

Plug-in hard drives
These are a cost-effective and convenient way both to make sure you always have copies of any files you need, as well as allowing you to carry large amounts of data without using up all the space on the hard drive of your whatever computing device you are using, which can slow them down.

Ultrabooks are yet another alternative to a standard laptop for those who still want to use a proper keypad rather than a touchscreen. They are very light, thin devices that are easy to transport but still have plenty of memory and are good to work from.

Pocket scanners
This will let you make copies of any documents you need and import them onto your laptop, smartphone or tablet. This will do the job of a photocopier and fax machine without the time and energy involved in using these.

If you are going to a meeting where you need to make a presentation and have visual aids you need to use, mini-projectors are roughly the size of a standard camera and can project images onto any surface to help you get across the vision and ideas you want.

Cloud storage service
Being able to send and receive large files is often crucial to business, so using a storage service such as Dropbox will let you access any files you need without having to store them on a device.

Jane Tchan

Jane Tchan is editor of SmallBizPod. She has more than 30 years of experience gained from working across a diverse range of industries, including tourism and leisure, retailing, sports sponsorship and food. During that time she has edited a variety of publications and online media

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