Opus Gives SMEs Energy Control

Online energy purchase system launched for small businesses.

By News Desk
26th September 2007 at 9:02

An interesting new service allowing smaller businesses to purchase their energy online in real time was launched today by independent electricity supplier Opus Energy.

Large businesses have been able to use such tools for some time, but until now it’s been very hard for SMEs to access flexible and transparent wholesale pricing of energy.

The opus system allows customers to logon securely and then dictate how much electricity they purchase and when. Customers are also able to manage their different premises through the secure website, seeing market data and portfolio reports.

With a pre-negotiated service fee locked at the start of the contract, Opus Energy clients are able to add or remove premises at any time during the period of the contract, knowing that the only variable element of the price will be the commodity cost as reflected directly from the market.

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  1. Lidia Estevez says:

    How does this work and is there a minimum size of consumption for customers to join. It would be great to have prices go down when the market goes down rather than prices always going up

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