Posh & Jordan Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Celebrity entrepreneurs help motivate, but where are the real female role models in business?

By News Desk
12th November 2007 at 14:55

If you’re under 25 and female it seems the business prowess of Victoria Beckham and Katie Price is more likely to influence you to start your own business.  But the business acumen of celebrities is very much the froth on a survey exploring female role models in business.

Commissioned by NatWest and Everywoman, the survey found that 76% of women agreed that female celebrity entrepreneurs made the idea of starting a business more accessible.  Nevertheless 70% said there remains a distinct lack of inspiring women role models in business.

Topping the list of inspiring women in business were J.K Rowling, the late Anita Roddick and Margaret Thatcher. 

While JK Rowling and Margaret Thatcher are clearly inspiring it’s a stretch to see them as business leaders.  Equally, Anita Roddick has been the name that continually appears in the context of these types of surveys.  Others on the list include some very familiar names such as Jacqueline Gold and Martha Lane Fox.  All very last century!

Definitely time to seek out some fresh female faces in business who are not models or pop stars!

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  1. Beth says:

    Many people DO think that female celebrity entrepreneurs made the idea of starting a business more accessible. Why do so many feel that there is a distinct lack of inspiring women role models in business though? I think there are a lot of female role models. Of course there are more men who could be considered business role models, but are they any good? It’s really quality over quantity and I can think of many female role models that have inspired me. It’s up to the individual to decide they want something and to go after it. Fortunately there are many businesses today who are taking notice of the female entrepreneur and trying to help. Do you wanna start your own business? Because there is a contest going on right now called “Make Your Dreams Come True with Mirassou”. They will be awarding one aspiring business woman $50,000 plus a team of highly professional consultants to help kick start your business! Visit http://www.mirassou.com/women_in_business/dreams.asp for more info and to enter. The deadline to enter is December 15, 2007. I work with them so I just wanted to give you the inside scoop!

  2. SmallBizPod says:

    Hi Beth, I guess there may be more female business role models in the US, than in the UK. That said, it’s not all about celebrity is it? SmallBizPod has always been about telling the stories of entrepreneurs who have interesting, inspiring and informative stories to tell. I don’t give a fig whether they’re well known or not. Role models are the local business woman down the street or inspiring business coach or work at home mum … they’re ordinary people like you and me.

    Thanks anyway for letting readers know about Mirassou. It looks like a good and worthwhile competition, so thanks for drawing it to our attention here.

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