Xmas Shopping Online Dents Business Productivity Claims Internet Blocking Company

Research claims UK employers stand to lose £260 million in productivity as staff go Christmas shopping online.

By News Desk
18th October 2007 at 15:05

Christmas is a vital time of year for all sorts of retail businesses and provides a significant slice of their annual profit.  However, shocking new research suggests that UK employers stand to lose £260 million a week in lost productivity as staff go shopping online.

All this sounds very shocking, until you realise that the ‘research’ has been put together by Bloxx, an organisation that allows companies to block what their staff can access on work computers.  According to Bloxx:

Not many companies will be so mean as to not allow their employees some time to do their Christmas shopping. However, with the addictive nature of online shopping, it can be all too easy for employees to get carried away and end up spending hours online during the working day.

Working on an average of just one hour spent shopping online during the working week and using an average hourly wage of £12.502, Bloxx estimates that UK employers could stand to loose £260 million a week in lost productivity.

Chances are, however, that this one hour shopping online a week will prove much more productive for the employee than heading out to the local high street or shopping centre during the lunch hour.  Time almost certainly saved for both employee and employer alike.

Unblock the internet, let your staff surf for Christmas goodies and increase productivity by reducing those frustrating and lengthy extended lunch hours trapped in festive high street shopping hell.

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