UK Business Could Make More Of Migrant Workers

TUC calls on business to recognise the skills of migrant workers.

By News Desk
8th February 2008 at 11:36

A report released today by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) claims that UK business is undervaluing the skills of migrant workers, therefore missing a trick when it comes to getting the best out of their employees.

There appears to be a lack of awareness among employers of the skills and qualifications many migrant workers have to offer and also a failure to employ migrants in jobs which will benefit them and the business.  The TUC recommends the National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) as a valuable service to help employers compare skills across international boundaries. 

Alan Weaver of the TUC said:

Unions are working hard to develop learning and training strategies to persuade employers to recognise the qualifications of migrant workers, and employers need to wake up to the skills and potential these workers can offer. Trained migrant workers coming to the UK can fill gaps in our labour market, but business is failing to use their true skills.

Among other things the report recommends a greater government investment in the training and development of migrant workers to improve their skills.

But there is an acute skills shortage in the indigenous population and small businesses are increasingly finding it difficult to recruit qualified staff.  One suspects most would argue government funding should focus on improving the skills of our own people, before spending tax payers money on a transitory workforce.

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