Entrepreneur Country needs your views

What role will entrepreneurs play in leading the UK out of recession? Have your say.

By News Desk
11th June 2009 at 9:25

Entrepreneur Country survey of entrepreneursInvestor and the BBC’s latest Dragon, Julie Meyer, is seeking your views on how established and emerging entrepreneurs will help lead the UK out of recession. The two minute online survey attempts to gauge the current outlook.

If you’d like to take part, head over to the survey of entrepreneurs and get yourself heard.

This forms part of a new initiative called Entrepreneur Country. Led by Julie Meyer, it aims to generate debate in the media and wider society about the importance of entrepreneur-led growth to the UK’s economic recovery.

And as she says:

With talk of the ‘green shoots of recovery’ becoming more prevalent, the timing is ideal to ask how these shoots will be best nurtured and whether enough is being done to support businesses through the recession.

We’ll be following the Entrepreneur Country initiative closely here at SmallBizPod.

We’ve been saying for a long time that not just entrepreneurs, but all small business owners will be the people we need to look to and encourage, if the UK is going to move safely out of economic turmoil, sooner, rather than later.

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  1. The idea of entrepreneurs being super-human, Dragons Den type folk is starting to be quite unhelpful. Surely anyone can be entrepreneurial? It just means being resourceful and trying new things. Not battling with VCs, plans for global domination and Sunseeker lifestyles. A shed in the garden will do. And small business owners by definition are going to be more entrepreneurial than most. No?

  2. Entrepreneurs see markets and opportunities where others see nothing.

    They have to believe in themselves, their ideas and dreams but need feedback to guide direction because sometimes they get blinkered, which is both good and bad.

    Small business grow into big businesses if they are willing to adopt new ways and adapt old ways.

    No business can grow unless it communicates its message, brand, ethos to the market and that involves people dealing with people.

    People buy into ideas, concepts and products because they buy the feeling of trust that what you say is what is delivered.

    Entrepreneurs are better at selling this “Peace of Mind” factor and people buy into it or are willing to invest in the business for it to grow.

    Just my two penneth.

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  3. I think the word entrepreneur is increasingly short-hand for exactly what you say, the resourceful, the innovative and the people who are running their own businesses micro, small or large.

    It may be a rather loaded word, thanks to Dragon’s Den etc, but at least we’ve moved on from Reliant Robins and dodgy perfume.

  4. Entrepreneurs bring fresh ideas and are the architectures of individuality.
    Without entrepreneurs ever thing will be the same, which is particularly prevalent on the high street today.

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