7 Internet Marketing Methods

The web is so vital to most businesses now, that it makes sense to understand the internet marketing opportunities available. These 7 tips should give you a head start.

17th January 2009 at 1:37 pm

1. Optimise your website.

One of the more important aspects of your web site is to ensure that the content that you use is correct and proper. It should be easily read by your audience but also search engine friendly. One of the principle criteria established for the search engines is the relevance of the material in relationship to the initiated search. Therefore if you can consistently produce great content that is rich with the keywords that prospective customers may search for then you have more chance of ranking well. Search Engines are robots and can only index your website if it is accessible to them. Research good SEO practices and implement them so that Mr. Google and his colleagues can index all your good content.

2. Use paid searches such as pay-per-click type campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a system created by search engines where you pay for each user that comes to your website through advertisements you create rather than rely on organic rankings. With PPC your advert ranks instantly and depending on how much you bid on your chosen keywords or search terms you can achieve a first page ranking. Be careful to set a daily budget and start off with a small amount of testing until you become familiar with how the system works.

3. Make use of article marketing to publicize your internet site:

One of the best means of increasing the back links or incoming traffic to your website is by the use of article marketing. To assure that your articles are utilised to the maximum you should submit them to the proper article directories, article announcement listings, content publishers as well as the necessary content syndications or RSS feed links.

4. Start a Blog:

The day of the faceless company is gone. No longer can a business lie quietly in the background and expect consumer support. Today the consumer has taken control of the situation and expects the various businesses to connect with them in a more meaningful manner with personalisation and emotion. Companies are quick at accepting these demands from the customers and many have established corporate blogs that talk to the customer directly in a way that faceless PR campaigns cannot. Blogs are also very useful for search engine purposes as long as you keep them fresh with good content.

5.Try video marketing:

Any internet marketer should consider the fast growing area of video marketing. With the evolution of Youtube and internet TV, there has never been a better time to convey a marketing message by video. Even better create something people want to share with their friends and watch your video go viral.

6. Embrace mobile marketing:

The Mobile Media market is growing at a rapid pace as web companies realise the potential power of sending text and picture messages. If you can build an opt-in list of customers that want to keep in touch then what better way than to text them directly. Further to this, with the increase in websites which can be viewed by mobile devices it stands to reason that companies need to ensure their sites are mobile friendly. This opens the gates to innovative opportunities towards providing the customer with improved marketing experiences.

7. Originate a successful email market tactic:

Effective email strategies should be part of your normal marketing tactics in order to expand your customer base through the process of permission marketing with targeted audiences. Provide your clients with appropriate information in the manner in which they desire it. This is a process which is becoming crucial to all marketing successes. Email is still one of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing available, but again it is all about giving your audience content which adds value, otherwise you are just spamming them.

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Tref Griffiths is the CEO of www.Networkology.com, the host of web-based speed-networking events. http://www.networkology.com

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