7 Quick Business Networking Tips

Good networking is good business, but many people dread it. Here are 7 tips to help build your confidence and make sure you and your business get the best from networking events.

17th January 2009 at 1:30 pm

1.  Before you attend any business networking event make sure you have practiced your 60 second pitch. This will allow you to easily and quickly articulate what your business offers, and the benefits it may have for the person you’re speaking to.

2.  Make sure before you attend any networking event that you know what your aims are and what you want to get out of the function. It is very easy to gravitate towards friends and associates, and whilst this may be more comfortable you must remember it is a business event at which to meet new people, and not a social gathering.

3.  Ask for a delegate list prior to the event. This will allow you to research the kind of contacts who will be attending, and you will know quickly who you wish to meet. It will also give you the chance to identify businesses with whom you might be able to work with to gain future referrals.

4.  Do not spend the entire time at a networking event talking with one person, unless of course this was your sole purpose for attending the event in the first place. Generally 5 to 10 minutes with each contact is long enough and allows you to constantly be meeting new people.

5.  Make sure you take plenty business card with you, and hand them out at every opportunity. You might even want to consider having specific business cards made for networking purposes. It is important to have a business card which reminds others what it is that you do and what your business offers.

6.  Once the event has finished be sure to follow-up with those who you’ve met. Whilst you do not want to spam people with your wares, a quick e-mail or phone call to follow up on any lead is expected and acceptable.

7.  Bear in mind, when attending a networking event, that you are not necessarily trying to sell to the person in front of you. Each person at the event will have their own network of trusted business associates, and there is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation from a friend. Your ultimate aim should be to encourage others to promote your product or services to their own network. It is this that will bring you the most referrals.

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Tref Griffiths is the CEO of www.Networkology.com, the host of web-based speed-networking events. http://www.networkology.com

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