7 tips for embracing smarter commuting

Overcoming any fears about employees working remotely and considering smarter working practices could be critical for businesses that are looking to acquire and retain the very best talent, improve staff morale and loyalty, and maximise the productivity of their workforce.

1st December 2009 at 8:07 am

By working together, employers and employees can better understand the frustrations and issues faced by both parties and encourage an atmosphere of positivity and trust that will help to transform the British workplace into a highly positive, productive environment.

With this in mind, I’ve put together seven tips that businesses looking to adopt smart commuting for their employees should embrace.

1. Put in place a flexible working policy

Clearly set out your company’s general policy on smart commuting and flexible working to ensure existing employees – and new recruits – know what to expect

2. Ask employees for their input

Take a collaborative approach to any flexible working policy and ask for feedback and input from your employees. They may well have additional, viable ideas that will benefit your business

3. Be as flexible as possible

Putting in place a policy or strategy is important, but make sure there is sufficient flexibility built in to accommodate a variety of scenarios as every employee’s situation is different

4. Adopt technology that aids flexible or remote working

If you’re willing to allow your employees to be smarter about their commute, change their location or work from home, it’s vital you offer the tools that will allow them to continue to work productively

5. Hold online meetings rather than travelling

How many of your face-to-face meetings could just as effectively be held in person? The reduction in travel time could give you valuable minutes in the office (or at home!).

6. Run trials

While employees may be crying out for flexi-time, you need to make sure it’s a viable approach for your business. Before jumping in, try testing out a few different options with one or two staff to see which is the best ‘fit’ for your business

7. Use your ‘smart commuting’ policy as a recruitment vehicle

At a time when recruiting the best talent is critical for many businesses, an attractive and flexible working policy could really put you ahead of the competition, so make sure you shout about it!

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Andrew Millard

Andrew Millard is Director of eCommerce at Citrix Online. www.gotomeeting.com/webcommuting http://www.gotomeeting.com/webcommuting

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