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The Times on SmallBizPod

Contributors to this blog and podcast about small business and startups are a nice mix of journalists, experts and entrepreneurs. The Times
I would say the shows you've done, specifically the one-on-one interviews with successful entrepreneurs ... have been more than just helpful, they've been like beacons.Jesse Waugh, MD, Prismania

Director Magazine on SmallBizPod

SmallBizPod is one to watch ... the UK's first podcast dedicated to small business.Director Magazine
Thanks so much for the useful information and interviews on the podcast. When you work in a small team like I do it really makes you feel more connected to the wider business communitySteve Sokalsky

The Radio Times on SmallBizPod

... marketing gold dust ... makes you want to run out and clinch a deal.The Radio Times
Ho sai lei!" as we say in Hong Kong. You're doing a great job with the podcast. Insightful listening experience for a budding entrepreneur in the fast paced world of Hong Kong!Napoleon Biggs, Hong Kong

The BT blog on SmallBizPod

SmallBizPod is one of the best around for any small business person. With interviews from entrepreneurs and discussion panels it's a great site which can help you keep ahead of the game.BT Insight Blog
Hi Alex, great show, very inspirational. Listening keeps me sane. Trying to find the entrepreneurial vibe here in Italia. Arriverderci.Alexander Van Grunsven, Italy

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