SmallBizPod #42 – sales advice podcast for SMEs

Greg Grimer & Mike O’Hara of the Cold Calling Podcast talk about selling and cold calling tips and tricks for SMEs.

By Alex Bellinger
13th March 2007 at 11:42 pm

This week SmallBizPod #42, the small business podcast returns to the subject of sales, the very essence of any business, with an excellent, practical interview with cold calling ninjas Mike O’Hara and Greg Grimer from the Cold Calling Podcast. Mike and Greg have sold over the phone to corporate customers in Wall Street, so they know a thing or two about how to make a successful sales call. This episode also has the usual round up of listener comments, feedback and suggestions.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:00 Thanks to Bibby Financial Services and please visit them
• 02:03 Comment and trackbacks from Wendy Piersall and Ponn Sabra on the SmallBizPod blog.
• 02:40 Welcome to Clare from Kent the latest listener to sign-up to the SmallBizPod Frappr Map.


• 03:07 Interview with Greg Grimer and Mike O’Hara of the Cold Calling Podcast exploring how to sell successfully over the phone. Mike, Greg and Alex discuss some of the tactics and approaches that make an initial sales/prospecting call effective and how cold calling can actually help you reach potential customers not reached by other marketing. There’s also a lot of practical advice about getting to the value proposition quickly, getting around the gatekeepers, listening to feedback, building your sales confidence and advice on the Telephone Preference System.


• 27:04 Email from Michael Smith looking for advice on food and drink franchising opportunities and advice.
• 28:23 Email from Andrew Turner who is finding is feeling less isolated in sunny Italy now he’s discovered a lot of valuable resources and small business communities on the web.
• 29:34 Email from James Hunter who has just started an IT support business.
• 30:02 Comment from Gerry who listens to SmallBizPod in bed, despite his girlfriend’s occasional disapproval!
• 31:09 Comment from Nick Fogarty in Barcelona who recommends podcast produced by Stanford Technology Ventures.


• 32.08 Music – Flashback by Fitzpatrick with many thanks to small business owner and progressive trance producer Patrick Mauldin.

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  1. Paul Scott says:


    As a new listener to your podcasts (I have listened to all this years over the last week) I have found them very interesting and informative.

    As a Business funding and Growth consultant I found your interview this week fascinating – from my own angle and experience, over 95% of small business owners are experts in their own field, however they fail to understand that the success formula is simple, treat your business as a “Sales and Marketing” business which is selling your own particular product or service and this is the biggest challenge most new business face and is also the most fundamental.

    The formula is simple:
    Get more prospects, convert more to customers, selling more to each customer, keep them coming back and keeping them for longer.

    I hope you find my approach useful.



  2. alex says:

    Hi Paul – thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you’re enjoying SmallBizPod. Your sales focus is clearly the right approach, together with ensuing that you really value your customers once you’ve got them through the door so to speak. I’d also add that it’s increasingly essential to make your business special, to make it stand out and to be the very best in your market.

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