SmallBizPod #43 – European technology startups

Alex Vieux, publisher of Red Herring, talks about the European technology/web sector and the state of VC funding for startups. [Photo: b_d_solis]

By Alex Bellinger
30th March 2007 at 1:14 pm

This week SmallBizPod #43, the podcast for entrepreneurs and start-ups, examines the European technology/web sector and the state of venture capital on the continent with Alex Vieux, publisher of technology business magazine Red Herring which has recently announced its latest Europe 100 list.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 01:33 Alex introduces SmallBizPod’s new networking site powered by Ning including forums, social networking and video.
• 03:12 Thanks to Bibby Financial Services and please visit them
• 04.26 The launch of SmallBizPod’s small business blog with two well respected journalists contributing on technology and franchising, David Tebbutt and Guy Clapperton respectively as well as marketing expert and future blogging star, Sara Scott. Do take a look at the blog and subscribe to the RSS feed.
• 05.51 If you’d like to send comments just email and do get in touch if you think you’d like to be a writer on the blog too.


• 07:04 Interview with Alex Vieux of Red Herring (RH) on the state of technology companies, start-ups and venture capital in Europe and the RH Europe 100 list which this year features 24 UK companies including Zopa, Last FM and Zubka. Alex talks about the selection process Red Herring staff undertake to pick the 100. He goes on to address the challenges of scalability for European technology companies compared to their US counterparts, but talks about why he sees a bright future for the technology sector in Europe because of the quality of experienced tech entrepreneurs, venture capital going cross-border, the diversity of tech businesses, and the support of university research labs. For a list of the RH Europe 100 and more info on the European technology sector check out Vecosys.


• 28:21 Email comment from Daniel including a 30 second fact on Google and some tips on Google local business registration.
• 30:24 Comment from David Hargrave who is enjoying the podcast and will frap the map.
• 31:53 Russell Barton requests assistance from any SmallBizPod listeners who may be familiar with the Square Space blogging/web package. He’s looking to offer some work to someone who can redesign his blog. Do get in touch at if you can help Russell.
• 32:36 A comment from Lee who has just launched a blog on investments and wonders whether I might link to it.
• 33:00 Email comment from Paul Scott with advice for a listener on choosing a food & drink franchise, recommending
• 33:37 Do you have any questions on market research in relation to business start-ups in the planning stage? Let me know for a future podcast.
• 34:12 Thanks to Jason and the guys at networking group Leeds Inventure for connecting to some SmallBizPod podcasts.


• 34.45 Music – Funny Stones by Northbound, with very many thanks to netlabel Monotonik.

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