SmallBizPod #54 – marketing advice from a serial entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur and author, Robert Craven, provides very practical small business advice on marketing and making your business stand out.

By Alex Bellinger
17th September 2007 at 1:36 pm

This week SmallBizPod #54, the podcast for anyone starting a business who needs inspiration and small business advice, returns to the subject of marketing with some very practical insight from serial entrepreneur and author Robert Craven.

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Show Notes



• 00:00 Alex on what’s coming up in the show.
• 0:55 Alex welcomes Sage as new sponsors of SmallBizPod.


• 02:27 Interview with Robert Craven of Directors Centre and author of a new book called Bright Marketing. Robert talks about how he surveyed 15,000 small business people to identify what practical advice people really wanted on the subject of marketing. Alex and Robert talk about measuring your business in terms of finance, marketing and operations (FiMO), the importance of selling, how the best forms of marketing need not be expensive and avoiding mediocrity by avoiding ‘safe’. Robert also talks about upside down marketing, strangers, friends and lovers and getting your pricing right.


• 37:25 Congratulations to Kelvin Jones of ‘Diary of a Wantrepreneur’ fame on his recent marriage.
• 38:04 Thanks to all those who have signed up to the SmallBizPod Facebook group and commented: in particular Matt Johnson who comes up with an idea for a future podcast.
• 39:06 Check out and complete Ivy Ho’s MBA questionnaire on entrepreneurship, if you can.

• 34.18 Music – rpg by Transient with many thanks to Monotonik.

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  1. Blake Duerden says:

    Hi Alex. I am new to your podcast but have been doing a catchup. I have been planning and shaping a couple of ideas I have and this show has been an inspiration.

    I was just wondering about the synonymity of Google as being ‘internet’. The reason I say this is I have noticed how many plugs you give to their products for small businesses such as Google Local and other services. I am sure they appreciate that they are now so integral to the internet that they have almost become one and the same.

    That’s my little thought that struck me from one of your episodes earlier this year. I am really enjoying the Wantrepreneur section and am curious to see how things develop. Your interviews are always enlightening and encouraging even when they do highlight other difficulties or challenges I had not considered for my ideas. I am in awe of your networking.

    Thanks alot and may this continue to flourish for you and us all.

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SmallBizPod #54 – marketing advice from a serial entrepreneur

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