SmallBizPod #86 – interview with Dr Edward de Bono on creative thinking in business

Interview with world-renowned thinker and creativity specialist, Dr Edward de Bono, on how innovative, value-driven thinking can benefit your startup or small business.

By Alex Bellinger
21st July 2009 at 1:34 pm

This week SmallBizPod #86, the small business podcast, focuses on creative thinking in business and includes an interview with Dr Edward de Bono, author, thinker and speaker on creativity.

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Show Notes



● 00:00 Alex outlines what’s coming up including another top quality business book review, this time from a listener dubbed ‘Uncle Spats’.


● 02:17 Thanks to Dell for sponsoring SmallBizPod this month. Do check out what they have to offer your small business.

● 03:29 Interview with world-renowned thinker on creativity Dr Edward de Bono, on creative thinking for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as discussion of key themes from his work and new book Think! Alex and Edward discuss key practical examples of tools devised by the thinker to help creativity and perceptive thinking in relation to business and life in general including ‘lateral thinking’ and the use of the ‘six hats’ method of non-confrontational discussion. There’s also plenty to inspire small businesses and startups to make the most of their ideas, design positive outcomes and create real value for society and their own ventures.

● 37:51 Book Review the mysterious Uncle Spats pops in to record an excellent book review of Ian Sanders’ second bestseller, Juggle!.

● 46.48 Music with thanks to IODA Promonet West Indian Girl
from “We Believe”
(Origami Music)

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  1. Dr. Smarajit Roy says:

    I have enjoyed your podcast interview. It was brilliant. This was not only very informative but very logical as well. I have learnt a lot about “Thinking”.

  2. Alex Bellinger says:

    Dr Roy, that’s very kind. Always good to hear the interview’s proved thought provoking in its own right!

  3. Interesting podcast. Having worked with Dr de Bono for many years I can safely say his tools have helped small businesses become big!

    You may be interested in our blog dedicated to new thinking & creativity –

  4. […] Click here to listen Filed Under: Creativity, Edward de Bono, New ThinkingTagged: Edward de Bono, podcast, small business […]

  5. Thanks Iain, good to hear from you. Your blog looks like a useful further resource for those inspired to look more deeply into creative thinking following listening to the podcast with Dr de Bono.

  6. Ian Sanders says:

    Thanks to Alex and Uncle Spats for an excellent review of my book ‘Juggle!’. Uncle Spats – I think you really summarised the book well, glad you enjoyed it, you made some good points too.

    ‘Happy Juggling’

  7. […] SmallBizPod #86 – interview with Dr Edward de Bono on creative thinking in business ( […]

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