SmallBizPod #96 – interview with Bill Liao co-founder of Xing

An inspiring interview with Bill Liao, co-founder of business social networking site Xing, on leadership, bootstrapping, micro-angel investing, story-telling, positive thinking and social entrepreneurship.

By Alex Bellinger
6th May 2010 at 7:00 pm

This week SmallBizPod #96, the small business podcast includes an interview with Bill Liao, entrepreneur and co-founder of the business social networking site Xing, on leadership, funding, social enterprise and his business philosophy set out in a new book – Stone Soup.

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Show Notes



● Alex on what’s coming up in the podcast with thanks to sponsors Bibby Financial Services, XLN Telecom and


● Interview with Bill Liao, co-founder of business social networking site Xing, on his new book Stone Soup, his business philosophy and how language and positive thinking can bring about change. Alex and Bill discuss the importance of bootstrapping and micro-angel funding, why VC funding is a broken model, leadership and the importance of story-telling in creating something from nothing in business and in life. The conversation also examines social entrepreneurship and Bill’s philanthropic startup,

●MusicDenis Rusnak
“Nature Is Chill”
from “My Chillroom”

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  1. Alan says:

    Terrific interview!

  2. Russell says:

    Hey Alex – Russell here from Australia – haven’t heard much of late – are the podcasts not happening anymore ??

  3. More podcasts on their way … honest gov!

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Alex,

    I only discovered this site six months ago. Have been working my way through your podcasts, which I’ve greatly enjoyed.

    They’ve been an inspiration for me to start my own site about online business start ups. I hope it’s ok to mention the site, it’s at

    I’ve also just started audio podcasting. Your podcasts have also been a role model and standard for me to strive for – although I’m nowhere near as polished as you yet!

    When are we going to get to hear a new smallbizpod podcast? Or have you been busy branching out into videopodcasting?! Either way, we’re missing you!

  5. Hugh says:

    You have a great site and you are doing a great job here and have inspired me greatly. I concur with the last comments. Would love to see you back. Hugh Dublin

  6. Xing is a great site as too is Alex’s. These business based / conversation / blog based websites are a great resource for all independant business owners.

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