SmallBizPod #97 – John Griffin of Addison Lee

The first of a special series of ‘Going For Growth’ podcasts with The British Library’s Business & Intellectual Property Centre, includes an interview with John Griffin of Addison Lee on what it takes to lead a growing business.

By Alex Bellinger
19th November 2010 at 3:14 pm

This week SmallBizPod #97, the small business podcast brought to you in association with the British Library’s Business & Intellectual Property Centre, begins a new series called Going For Growth and begins with an interview with John Griffin, the founder and chairman of Addison Lee, Europe’s largest mini-cab company.

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Show Notes



● Alex on what’s coming up in the podcast and an introduction to the British Library’s Business & IP Centre which offers free access to business and intellectual property information, workshops, networking events and one-to-one advice sessions for businesses of all sizes from startups to growing enterprises.


● Interview with John Griffin, the founder and chairman of Addison Lee, Europe’s biggest mini-cab company. Alex and John discuss his extraordinary business story where a chance meeting with a man in a pub lead to John seizing an opportunity to build a business which began with one man in a leaky Battersea office with a bucket to catch the rain coming through the roof. John talks about how he grew Addison Lee to become one of the best known London private hire transport companies, his management style, how to motivate staff and dealing with the pressures of life leading a growth company. Lots of great advice on leading a team, managing growth, staying positive, keeping business simple and staying grounded as your company becomes successful.

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  1. Welcome back Alex. Great podcast and great interview. Wot no electronica? 🙂

  2. Phil Moore says:

    Great interview Alex – really interesting to hear about the very ‘non-corporate’ approach to business – John’s character really comes out. looking forward to the next in the series!

  3. Oladele Ayuba says:

    For a while there I thought there’d be no more interviews.

    Nice interview on a different view on management…

  4. Madelaine says:

    Welcome back to the podcast! I’ve missed it. The first is excellent.

  5. Hi Alex!

    Cracking interview – really enjoyed this one. I loved how honest and down to earth John was.

    So refreshing to hear his approach.

    Looking forward to more in this series!


  6. Another outstanding interview. So much wisdom in that half hour, and what an absolute gentleman. John deserves all the success he’s achieved.

    “Positivity builds, negativity kills” – my new mantra!

  7. Alan says:

    Thank you for this inspiring interview. John Griffin’s leadership style resembles me the one described in Dale Carnagie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

    I will definitely re-listen it in some time:).

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