Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse

Now is the time for agile small businesses to make the most of their super-light, power steering and do some smart marketing.

1st May 2009 at 9:20 am

Is it time for a proposition overhaul?

If, like me, you’re feeling a bit fatigued by the doom and gloom stories of the credit crunch, recession, deflation etc. etc. yawn yawn …

Maybe it’s time to remind yourself why it’s great to be a small business.

Whilst big, lumbering corporates frantically look at ways to cut their costs, re-engineer their business to strip out years of institutionalised inefficiency and wrestle to steer their titanic operations in a better direction, it seems to me small businesses have it GOOD.

Why? Because we’re more nimble, we can adapt to market conditions more quickly and by comparison, we’ve got super light power steering to take ourselves where the money is.

So if your business is taking a bit of a hit as a result of the crunch, maybe it’s time to do some smart marketing and have a look at your proposition. If it’s not getting results in current conditions … what can you change about your product … its pricing … its positioning … to make it more attractive to your key audiences?

At the end of the day, you have power to make changes … just as long as you’re in touch with your customers and you understand what it is that’s changed in their world that’s having a knock on effect on your business.

They say there’s always money to be made in a recession. I say hurray for the small businesses that have the sense and capability to grab opportunity whilst its there.

Sara Scott

Sara is a marketing specialist with a wealth of on-line and traditional experience. With award winning credentials as an advertising writer, her career also spans the disciplines of planning and strategy for both B2B and consumer clients. Having worked for one of the the UK's biggest non-London agencies, Sara now works on a consultancy basis for clients large and small.

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  1. I don’t know if I would agree that things are GOOD for small businesses, I mean even though as a small business owner you may be more agile, you are also more fragile.

  2. Tim Kimber says:

    “I agree that small businesses are more flexible and should be willing and able to change marketing strategies as required. I also believe that in times of economic difficulty, smaller businesses need to be very vocal to publicise and market the efficiencies of their products/services as they have the advantage of being able to get closer to their customers. It is also a period to retain customers and really build brand loyalty as customer retention is the easier than winning new business in a downturn. Tim Kimber, OfficeLiveGuy

  3. Katie says:

    I agree with Michael – though a reccession offers the SME sector the chance to form a streamlined cost effective business, with the lack of finance available, it is still a very difficult climate.

    Great post, look forward to reading more.


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