7 ways to save on your business insurance

Purchasing business insurance can be confusing. What kind of cover do you need? Were can you purchase an insurance policy and how do you know you are getting a good rate?

9th March 2010 at 8:56 am

There are specific areas to look out for when you want to make a saving on your insurance. If you are unsure about the cover you need, it pays to talk with an insurance broker or to call the insurance company for advice.

1. Compare quotes from different sources.

Online comparison websites could save you money on insurance, but don’t forget to get quotes from other sourcesas well. Call an insurance company directly or ask a high street broker for a quote.

2. Only buy the cover you need.
When you are unsure about the cover you need, it can seem better to add extra cover to your policy just to make sure you cover all your bases. This means that customers can all too easily end up paying a higher premium for cover your business doesn’t need. Always double check whether you really need those additional covers.

3. Sticking with the same insurer for years isn’t always cheaper
While it is easier to stick with the same insurer year after year, it could end up being more expensive. When your renewal is due, always check the quote from your insurer against quotes from other companies. You can do this quickly and easily online and it could save you money.

4. Tell your insurer how long you’ve been in business
Some insurers offer lower prices relative to the length of time you have been in business. A longer period with no claims could also save you money on your premium.

5. Make sure you adhere to health and safety regulations.
If you ensure that your business is in line with the relevant health and safety processes, claims are less likely to occur. Insurers recognise this and will take this into account on your premium.  If you are unsure about the regulations that apply to your business, try contacting a company such as CRL (Calculated Risks Limited) who will help you find and understand the relevant information.

6. Seasonal changes.
If your business activity fluctuates depending on the season it could be a way to save money on your insurance. Check with the insurer whether seasonal increases and decreases are available in the policy. For example: a retailer could save on stock cover during low season and pay more over Christmas. This means you would only pay a higher level during the times you need the extra cover.

7. Conduct regular risk management.
Doing risk management on your business regularly as well as putting in place contingency plans could help reduce your premium. This is because it not only reduces the chance of making a claim but also reduces the affect of a claim.

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Jasper Martens is a member of the Simply Business knowledge team. At Simply Business you can compare quotes for business insurance and commercial finance online. The comparison website is specialized in small and medium sized businesses. http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk

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