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I dropped into my career in advertising, marketing and all things brand and communications related by accident.  OK, so I picked up a literature degree – but that was reading, not …

12th July 2007 at 7:40 pm

I dropped into my career in advertising, marketing and all things brand and communications related by accident.  OK, so I picked up a literature degree – but that was reading, not writing.  Still, someone, somewhere figured that my studies qualified me to become a copywriter and off I went, hammering out bits of text that began to appear in the public domain.

I used to get terrible writer’s block.  With fingers frozen under the pressure of having to turn out ‘perfect’ pieces.  For me, blogging has been a great liberation.  I don’t censor myself too heavily and simply see what comes.  (Hence occasional spellers, nonsense sentences etc).  I’d highly recommend a bit of blogging to ANYONE, for precisely this reason.

Fact is, most people can write – after a fashion.  And plenty of people write well, but write themselves and their abilities off.  Thinking – oh you have to have training, or be ‘creative’ to be able to write.  Rubbish I say!

If you’re the owner or manager of a small business and the marketing burden falls on your shoulders, 9 out of 10 cats really shouldn’t despair.  You can probably DIY a perfectly respectable job for most basic marketing applications – letter writing, emailing, presentation building.  Even a bit of content creation for a web site.  If your confidence is lacking, get some support.  A second pair of eyes to give your stuff the once over.  As long as you remember to put yourself in your customers shoes and explain things in a way that they’ll understand, you should be ok.

Not all marketing communications have to be front-ended with some fancy creative concept.  A clear and simple reason to buy will often do the trick.

My link for today is for anyone looking for writing type insight.  If you have to write (and so many of us do, best try to write well). The copywriter’s crucible is a blog I keep tabs on through my RSS.  Great writing – but also some really useable tips and great thinking.  I’m a regular customer and I love it.

Sara Scott

Sara is a marketing specialist with a wealth of on-line and traditional experience. With award winning credentials as an advertising writer, her career also spans the disciplines of planning and strategy for both B2B and consumer clients. Having worked for one of the the UK's biggest non-London agencies, Sara now works on a consultancy basis for clients large and small.

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  1. Matt Ambrose says:

    If I ever get stuck with writer’s block I just try and plough through to the next paragraph, even if what I’ve left behind is a disjointed, unrefined mess. I can always go back and tidy it up later on. Sometimes you have to get to the end before you know how the whole article should read.

    Thanks for linking to The Crucible – I’m glad you find it of interest.

  2. sherry borzo says:

    Thanks Sara for the link and the thoughts. You really stated what I know I often feel.

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