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SmallBizPod’s new site focuses on easy navigation, discovery and a new section where you can share and compare your own business knowledge with others.

15th January 2009 at 12:06 am

Once in a while, like a Dr Who regeneration, SmallBizPod’s website undergoes a transformation and a new year seems like a good time for a change.  Talking of which Happy New Year to one and all.

SmallBizPod and the tardis

SmallBizPod - regeneration, not time travel

I hope you enjoy the new look site which takes into account a lot of your feedback.

I reckon it’s a lot easier to navigate now and with a bit of luck many of the gems hidden away in previously dusty archives are also easier to rediscover.

Do let me know what you think and if you spot any weirdness, shout.

But it’s not just a cosmetic change.  I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to launch a new section called SmallBizPod Sevens.

‘Sevens’ lets you share your own business knowledge in, you’ve guessed it, seven business tips.  Why seven?  Well, everybody’s busy and seven’s a smaller number than 10!

Seriously though, I believe it’s vital that small businesses and entrepreneurs support each other, now more than ever.

The new site gives you the chance to raise your profile here at SmallBizPod as well as giving your karma a boost as I’m sure your insight will help others starting up and looking for business answers.

The site’s very easy to use.  You can have  a profile and your own seven pearls of wisdom uploaded in just a few minutes.  Check the link for more details on how to contribute your business tips.

The other wonderful thing about up-dating SmallBizPod behind the scenes is the marvel that is WordPress, the open source blogging software, which is rapidly becoming a fully fledged content management system and publishing platform.

Quite apart from it pleasing my inner geek, WordPress is another beautiful example of the power of open source projects and their scope to generate flourishing businesses around them out of community, generosity of spirit and borderless collaboration and innovation.

Now before your accuse me of rose-tinted, hippydom, I know that open source projects have their fair share of back-biting, factions and flame wars.

Fundamentally, however, the best simply route around major problems or fork into separate, interesting projects.

So it’s back to the network being more powerful than the node.

And, in my humble opinion, it’s the network of small businesses and entrepreneurs and the positive, can do spirit of collaboration found in the best open source projects, that is going to get us all through these turbulent times.

[Picture credit: benleto licenced from Flickr]


Alex is the founder and editor of SmallBizPod, the UK's first podcast dedicated to small business, start-ups and entrepreneurship. Alex writes about topical small business issues, entrepreneurs and anything else that catches his eye here on the small business blog.

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  1. martyn says:

    Congrats on the new look and feel – really nice. We now have “theme envy”.

    And continue the good work championing open source.

  2. Thanks Martyn – I’m always available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and theme redesigns 😉

    The whole open source movement always fills me with hope and optimism. Will continue to sing its virtues.

  3. Agree with everything said – a much easier site to navigate! Also the “can do spirit of collaboration” is certainly the key – as well as the Government creating a better environment for the spirit to become infectious throughout the wider business community.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment Lee – love the Angels’ Den redesign too.

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